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First and foremost from our hearts to your hearts, we are honored you are reading these words. Now, lets give you an overview of, "Sounds Of Universal Light"

It is our intention to offer to all of our brothers and sisters of humanity the magnificent sense of "Sacred Sound Messaging".

Woven so beautifully and intricately in the frequencies of the soundings are; soothing sonic sensations, stimulating soul sensitivities.

All souls are an absolute calibrated exact frequency, emanating in their own bandwidth of ambient radiant splendor.

Our human bodies are also vibrating and reverberating in a calibration of frequential dynamics unique to the Earth experience.

Pure and simple; Sonic Stimulation for Cellular Calibration.  

Allowing the essence of Sacred Sounds to enliven and empower your beingness to be present and comfortable in your now moment.

There is really nothing you have to do, there is no right or wrong way to be present in the audible atmosphere that the sacred soundings provide. No conditions are required, none........…

All of the 48 Realm Ryder albums are now available for “FREE DOWNLOADS”, just go to any album listed above, maybe take a moment to listen to a composition and decide for yourself which ones you may consider you want to download or you can just download the entire album whatever you would like to do.

Soundscape Music or as I like to call it Sonicscape Scenery.

Peacefully with lots of Love,

Realm Ryder / Gregg R. Bartow