Smiles for Everyone

Lots of Hugs for our children

The JOY of our children can be seen everyday, as they explore their moments with wonderful excitement and innocence.

The essence of their innocence allows them to live in the moment, live in the now, live in the love of discovery as they experience the beauty of their Earth, refreshing, alive and anew...............

Join them as they are singing this song;

"Mother Earth we all Love you, everyday, Mother Earth we all Love you, in every way, Mother Earth we all Love you, everyday, Mother Earth We Love You.............."

This song "Mother Earth" is a FREE DOWNLOAD, just click on the song "Mother Earth" and 30 seconds into the song a drop down screen will appear over the song title, follow the simple instructions on the drop down screen and the song is yours.......

This song inspired by Our Divine Mother, sung by Gregg R. Bartow

Song to Sing Click On "Mother Earth"